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Justice for Rene Dupree

I have been watching the WWE for many years and really enjoyed the matches. However the present story lines on Smackdown! are getting tiresome and insulting. I would really like the WWE to respect the Canadians more. I would also like people to enjoy the Rene Dupree's antics more. The suits should realize that if Dupree is getting popped for doing the French Tickler then they shouldn't give him heat for doing it. There is absolutely wrong with Rene Dupree becoming a face--he really is a great wrestler who seems to sell and helps his opponents look good. He should not be treated as a jobber since he is a winner. I agreee with many other fans that he should have been allowed to win the title. It's a shame that he is being mistreated as so many other Canadian wrestlers have been mistreated. I would like to see some justice for Dupree and I really like his little dog too.
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