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07:12pm 23/02/2005
mood: aggravated

When Rene first started in Smackdown! it was supposed to give him a push as the youngest champion in the WWE.  Unfortunately, some people felt that Rene's push would detract from John Cene.  So, they have demolished the push that Rene was getting and now some people are saying that he is a disappointment.  Why didn't they have Rene win the championship when Cene was going to make a movie?

Rene has done a tremendous job in the sport.  He has been quite a showman.  He has helped others by jobbing and selling well--when selling seems to be lacking in the sport.  So actually Rene has doing a tremendous job of helping other wrestlers and is no disappointment.  Seeing Rene portrayed as a jobber to others is a shame because he has great wrestling skill.  It is sad to see that even though he would land on his neck or do other physical thrills that a lot of other wrestlers perform he is shown as a disappointment.  To have him relegated to Velocity and to have the fans cheer on Holly and Haas after the way that Holly beat him unfairly in a shoot with Haas refusing to help Rene end that match by being attentive--actually Haas, the Ref and Sazuki should have helped Rene--is making me only boycott Smackdown!. 

I really admire the skill and desire to please the fans that Rene shows.  Hopefully, Rene will be shown more respect and be pushed again.  If not it might be time to give up on the WWE.  It is not Rene's fault that the writers are not good enough to protray him in good light.  When people cheer Rene they penalize him.  I am tired of the injustice. 

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06:30pm 11/10/2004
mood: angry
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Justice for Rene Dupree 
11:09pm 25/08/2004
mood: determined
I have been watching the WWE for many years and really enjoyed the matches. However the present story lines on Smackdown! are getting tiresome and insulting. I would really like the WWE to respect the Canadians more. I would also like people to enjoy the Rene Dupree's antics more. The suits should realize that if Dupree is getting popped for doing the French Tickler then they shouldn't give him heat for doing it. There is absolutely wrong with Rene Dupree becoming a face--he really is a great wrestler who seems to sell and helps his opponents look good. He should not be treated as a jobber since he is a winner. I agreee with many other fans that he should have been allowed to win the title. It's a shame that he is being mistreated as so many other Canadian wrestlers have been mistreated. I would like to see some justice for Dupree and I really like his little dog too.
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12:50pm 28/06/2004
mood: irate

There was a great sense of pride walking hand in hand with other marchers as the line increased to four lines long the length of Market Street.  Then I went home as I had to report to the Opera House for the Marola Auditions.  I turned on The Great American Bash and had to record most of it.  It was in extremely poor taste for Cena to insult Rene Dupree as being Gay.  First of all it is probably a lie; secondly, I don't like people being "outed" especially if the government were to cause problems; thirdly, being Gay is not an insult and should not be used as such--it would actually be wonderful if such a fine person as Rene Dupree were gay so that we could add him proudly to our lists of great gay people.  Don't count on it being true however--it was just a way for that stupid loud-mouth cena to insult Rene Dupree and us gay people on San Francisco's Gay Pride Day. 

People had told me that cena was homophobic but I don't really care for cena so I had not noticed.  My schedule is such that I usually tape the wrestling programs on my VCR and then go quickly over the parts that I am not interested in.  So not caring much for cena or for rap I would quickly go over his parts without bother to slow down to the regular pace.  Other people me that cena was homophobic but I finally slowed down for his match against the Bashum brothers and was really gratified when Rene Dupree sent cena out on a stretcher later that same program.  It was justice considering all the times we are attacked by homophobes.  I wish that Rene Dupree would stop fooling around jobbing and finally win the championship as he is clearly the better wrestler and that is what cena is probably afraid of.

I also know that people who are homophobic have a problem with their own sexuality and there cast dispersions on others.  I notice that Rene Dupree has does not demonstrate any problem with his own or others' sexuality

02:25pm 19/06/2004
mood: thankful
I really respect what these fine gentleman have to say as I find what they say as being very tame in comparison to what my friends at work at the San Francisco Opera and Ballet and Church have to say. I think that the fact that they are booed so much indicates that our wonderful nation is declining. We have lost our good judgment, sense of fair-play, love of our fellow humans, freedoms for which we stand, and our intelligence. On the latest "Cafe du Rene" what Rene said was only a mild version of what a close friend and I were saying about American treatment of others--this was during intermissions and before the ballet "El Cid".

Let us remember that it is the French who won the Revolutionary War for us and that without France we would not be a nation. The only two nations that are major powers today which have not fought each other are France and the United States; therefore, France is the only nation which has always been our friend. Since we have been attacked we should try to maintain our friends instead of turning them off since they don't believe in an immoral war that the U.S.A. and Britain have caused for the past fifty years-Iraq.

Current Mood: hopeful
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Oh Sweet Jebus! 
03:24am 17/05/2004
mood: amused
I'm not the only one on Earth who likes Rene Gougen ( Rene Dupree )?

Thank the lord!
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New La Résistance fanlisting 
02:11pm 12/09/2003
  This one is for their entrance/theme music and can be found here

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